Century Courtyard
source:this website  time of release:2017/08/09

Century courtyard is an important representative courtyard building in Zhengzhou, which is also one kind of unique folk house. It has been more than 100 years ago. Standing at the top of the courtyard and looking down, the whole house looks like  a huge well. It was built by Wang family of Cherry valley in the Qing dynasty. The whole courtyard faces the East, three sides are flats, one side faces a ditch, a total of 6 rooms, 9  tile kilns. The architectural style is a form of living style adapted to the local natural environment, which restores the living features of the residents  in the Qing dynasty. On the eastern side of the courtyard, there are many cherry trees since it was built. It took them 200 years to build a natural green barrier in order to avoid the destruction of war, which has been preserved up to now. It  has become another highlight of the Cherry Valley scenic area for people to recall the brilliant history of architectural culture.

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