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About Longchi thousands of years cherry ditch circulating such a story: In ancient times cherry ditch and no pool. In the present Longchi place lived in a family, this child's daughter-in-law often abused by her in-laws. She is not bright every day to get up, cooking, serving in-laws, but this is still beaten. One day when she was out collecting firewood, suddenly found a black snake in the arrow lying on the roadside to see black snakes hearts wounded bear, snake begins to pull out the arrow, black snake tail Baile Bai, followed by drilling in the vicinity A creek was gone. After a few days, when the child daughter again to this firewood, and saw the black snake. The snake spit out a white egg from his mouth and then nodded to her. Child daughter secretly picked up the eggs, readily into the basket. Suddenly, the dry wood in the basket suddenly became full. Child bride and frightened, carefully brought home. Later, so every day, so that children do not suffer a lot of children beaten curse. The day is long, my mother is strange. She would like to know what happened, so he secretly observed. Finally one day, the secret was found by her. Her mother grabbed the egg, forced her to say the origin of the eggs. Her mother is a black snake to immediately chorused: "!! This is a dragon egg ah, ah this is a baby," she immediately eggs into the rice container, blink of an eye on the meter swell migang. Mother-in-law and quickly get the cash box, the closet, are very efficacious. Mother-in-law was forgetting to see the tank less than full, then the dragon eggs to the tank a lost, an instant, spring spewing. Dragon egg hit the tank in a few turn, burst open, leap out of a dragon, dragon soar in the air, torrential rain, water all over the floor, slowly, into the present longchi. Cruel mother-in-law was drowned, into a turtle. Later, the child bride married with the dragon, free to live here, settled from generation to generation here. For thousands of years, Longchi has always been a radius of the people of the main water source.

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