Xing Jiazhai
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Xing Jiazhai's history can be traced back to the Qin Dynasty. Liu Bang occupied the West Chu tyrants Xiang Yu of the country are Pengcheng (now Xuzhou), after being defeated Xiang Yu, all the way to the west, the army came here because the front of the "gap" (one said Jialu River) made a big water, so Liu Bang ordered In this camp, temporarily for the rest. After Liu Bang after the ancient Ying war to consolidate their own strength, in one fell swoop eliminated Xiang Yu, unified the world. After the establishment of the Han Dynasty, Liu Bang life around the minister here to mark this monument. Stone after the dynasty changed the damage, but more than two thousand years, there have been descendants of Liu surname to see the story on the stone, settled here in order to obtain ancestral blessing, named "Xingjiazhai", meaning the fortune of the Walled The But in the Republic of China, the village of a surname Tuobu bully, because of this piece of feng shui treasure, occupied the "Xingjiazhai", because he surnamed "Xing", so called "Xingjiazhai".

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