The Spring of the Grandma Temple
source:this website  time of release:2017/08/09

The name comes from the spring of the grandma temple, and the temple is said to be built for a queen in commemoration of the Five kings of the Spring and Autumn period King Zhuang of Chu. King Zhuang of Chu conquer the Central Plains, who married a beautiful and kind-hearted girl for a wife, and for the queen.The Chu is a humid climate, so that the queen was covered with scabies, foul stench and lost King Zhuang of Chu's favor,she was driven out of the palace.The queen out of the palace after begging in her hometown to the Central Plains, southwest suburb of a deep trench (now Cherry Valley) to settle down in the soil Dong, to eat fruit drink for a living.Later, her scabies slowly has improved, not only heal, and her`s skin become the skin smooth, ruddy. Then spread to King Zhuang of Chu there, King Zhuang of Chu send someone to pick her back to his palace, but she was determined never back to Chu, and enjoy her life in Cherry Valley .After the death of the queen, the queen`s remains buried her  under the table in the temple, the name she lived  Dong is Yu Xia Dong ,People built the temple above the Dong before her, she was in the temple like plastic, and called her "grandma", so this temple called the grandma temple.

Since the temple was built. at the first day and the 16th day of the month , near a hundred miles radius of the masses will have come to pray, burn incense and worship, praying, blessing, pray for peace, and the "Life is the tenth in blessing, the ability of give children is better than the fairy "," grandma bless, family will happiness and reputation.”

There is a spring,  before the grandma temple according to legend, the queen was drink every day in the spring to haled the scabies in her body. and the skin smooth and tender. Therefore, many people in the grandmother's temple after worship, will always bring a little spring back. And there is a "mention a return three" argument: "lift a bucket of water, you need to return three barrels of water.". At this point, grandma spring`s long history and legend have passed down, attracting the Quartet of believers and visitors.

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