Changan Ancient Village
source:this website  time of release:2017/08/09

Changan ancient village is to the three side by side Wai gully, trunk road connecting villages formed a road outside the peninsula, which is located on the southern end of the west line of Li He Cun Hou Zhang, also called Zheng county county government. The Tang Dynasty Tianbao fourteen years (AD 755 years) An Lushan against Changan, Tang Xuanzong led the royal family to Shu (today Sichuan) migration. His thirtieth Prince Li Jing would not be with the west, and wanted to beat an Lushan, then led the family to recover, bianzhou (now opened area) to escape, because the rebels in the heavily guarded bianzhou, later removed to here. Wang Li AI Bian see here name of jade simple folk customs, people live and work in peace, the stockade three surrounded by water and drinking water of the turtle like topography, good Feng shui. He decided to set up camp for the defense of both at the same time against the rebels, named Changan village, and ready to recuperate, recruiting recovery in Tang dynasty. He led the people of hard work, the construction of water conservancy, later to quell the rebellion. Li Jing and the local people have forged a profound friendship, so do not want to return at this live, enjoy glory, splendour, wealth and rank, and the requirements of future generations from the recessive, for the benefit of the people. Subsequently, the descendants of the descendants in the Changan walled, built the Li ancestral hall. Despite the vicissitudes of the dynasties, the Changan village has been stable and prosperous, and its scale has gradually expanded. In May 13, 1938, after the first bombing of Zhengzhou, the Japanese began to invade the central plains. At that time, the Kuomintang government decided to Zheng county (then known) to the government of the resident, also known as Zheng county county government. During the Anti Japanese War, the national government, dig ditches were built to repair the turret, 6 towers, and built 3 meters high, 2 meters thick walled wall, easy to defend. At the time of the national government and the hundreds of miles from the old tree and transplanted many locust tree in order to covert operations, now the tree age are over 500 years, the existing one by the local people known as the "Huai xian". Because of the many factors, such as war, disrepair and inadequate protection, some of the buildings were destroyed in Changan. At present, under the initiative of the 27 district government, the Department restoration project started in early 2017.

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