Ancient Village of Cherries
sourceļ¼šthis website  time of releaseļ¼š2017/08/09

Qing,The masons village (now be community)  is located in yu county near to zhengzhou "road"was attacked  by bandits , some of the village's food, livestock, etc were robbed . In order to prevent the bandit attacks, the masons zhuang `s villagers found a piece in the gaps in the southwest of the village ,is an organic whole repeatedly with the groove above the ground to the south, north, east, west three other sides surrounded by dozens of meters deep groove, the size of 3 mu "highland", Villagers built an island shaped "stockaded village". In order to be from the bottom of the deep groove to "stockaded village" at the top, villagers in the north of the stockade now again dug a deep ditch from the bottom up "deep hole" that are slope. Hole lessthan one meter wide, the space just can let a person, is "If one man guards the pass, ten thousand are unable to get through" .

After the liberation, social stability, once flourishing ancient village lost the former comes in, soon abandoned, idle, gradually forgotten. Now the top of the stockaded village has become a piece of ground, deep hole was filled. Only around tall cherry tree, still lush shake, the wind caresses branches creaking, as if telling people that the glory days of the ancient village.

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