The Cherry Vale scenic area of Zhengzhou is located in the southwest of the Erqi District, about 5 kilometers away from the main city of Zhengzhou. It is a national AAA tourist attraction, and a demonstration base for rural tourism in china. Cherry Valley village is the center of the scenic spot; the total area is 32 square kilometers. It includes ten communities, Sanli, Tongshuwa, Guoxiaozhai, Yuanhe, Caowa, Shanglihe, Yingtaogou, Huanglonggang, Daluxi, Xihudong. The community of Cherry Valley was named China Rural Tourism Model Village.

In recent years, Cherry Valley scenic area has been named the key scenic spot of Zhengzhou City, Zhengzhou and Kaifeng international marathon training base, Zhengzhou city science and technology practice base, Zhengzhou health science practice walking base, Cherry Valley Jinshuiyuan scenic spot was named the Provincial Water Conservancy Scenic area.

Cherry Valley planted more than 7000 acres of cherries, variety, enjoy the "Cherry Valley of Hundred Miles" reputation. Scenic area with an annual output of about 1 million 800 thousand kilograms of cherries, cherry grain flesh and sweet entrance here were named Zhengzhou Ten in history".

Cherry Valley scenic area has 50 thousand acres of ecological conservation forest, is a natural green oxygen bars in Zhengzhou. It preserves the geological and geomorphic features of the original loess gully, with luxuriant vegetation and great pastoral beauty. There are many global orchards, "Central Plains small fruit town" reputation.

At the same time, scenic area also contains a long village culture, folk culture, culture of the porcelain and other historical and cultural resources, keeping the Millennium Temple, hundred years tianjingyuan, Cherry Valley ancient village, Xiang Tan Temple and other cultural relics, the old temple of Paleolithic sites have been selected in the ten new archaeological discovery

At present, the Cherry Valley scenic area has formed a "farm dining" based, set picking, fishing, barbecue, cultural experience as one of the leisure resort. Here, enjoyable scenery, simple folk customs, can let you experience fast pace of life; enjoy the cool, peaceful pastoral style. Cherry Valley scenic area welcomes you to relax with us, return to nature.