Ruins of Hujia
source:this website  time of release:2017/08/09

The site is located in the area of cherry ditch within the Shanghe River community Hujia 垴 natural village about 100 meters south, Jialu River east of the upper reaches of the Zhoujiazhai River platform, an area of about 20,000 square meters. There are ashes and active surfaces in the loess strata on both sides of the Yellow River dyke of Zhoujiazhai River, which is about 10,000 years old for the late Paleolithic cultural relics. Hu Jiayou Paleolithic site is an important Paleolithic ancient cultural relics found in the area of Zhengzhou, the activities of the surface, ashes, stone products and animal fossils and other relics to fully prove that this is the only one identified in the region of the fire The ruins of the in situ buried open space. June 16, 2008, Henan Provincial People's Government announced the site of the fifth batch of cultural relics protection units.

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