Chending Ruins
sourceļ¼šthis website  time of releaseļ¼š2017/08/09

Mainly located in the Cherry Valley Scenic Area Administrative Committee Tong tree depression community Chen Ding natural village, was the Zhengzhou Municipal People's Government in June 2009 as the second batch of cultural relics protection units in Zhengzhou City.

The site of the eastern part of the east of Jialu River Jiuyuan River Jiulongmiao River, south and north on both sides of the temporary Jialu River ditch, 600 meters long from north to south, east and west width of 500 meters, an area of about 300,000 square meters. Profile found in the cultural layer thickness of 0.80-1.20 meters, including the main material is pottery; gray pit was bag-like, cylindrical, including pottery, animal bones and so on. Pottery with sand pottery, clay, , Pots, Ge, big mouth respect and other relics. According to the determination of the site of the era of Shang Dynasty Erligang culture period.

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