Yuan River Paleolithic Ruins
sourceļ¼šthis website  time of releaseļ¼š2017/08/09

The site is located in the cherry ditch scenic management committee Yuan River community Yuan River natural village about 400 meters northeast, Jialu River West Sheng Shuiyu River east of the platform. Area of about 5000 square meters (about 100 meters long, 50 meters wide). As located in the hilly areas, the terrain was south high north low, loess development. The cliff section is about 18 meters high, the upper part is 4m thick Maran loess accumulation layer, the lower part is 13 meters thick river lake sedimentary layer (including the bottom of the loess accumulation layer). Archaeological experts in the lower part of the river and lake sedimentary strata of the upper part of the ditch at about 10 meters from the discovery of stone products, animal fossils and collected stone products specimens, siliceous rock products and animal fossils of the site for the Paleolithic period Cultural relics, about 2 million years ago.

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