Small Luhe Second Paleolithic Site
sourceļ¼šthis website  time of releaseļ¼š2017/08/09

Located in the cherry ditch scenic management committee Caowa community small Luhe natural village west, Jia Lu east east of the east coast of the platform. North and south about 100 meters, east and west width of 80 meters, an area of about 8,000 square meters. The terrain is a low hilly area, the terrain from the southeast to the northwest tilt, loess development. Cliffs were southeast to northwest, 10 meters high, the upper part of the upper 8 meters thick Malan loess accumulation layer, the lower part of the exposed about 2.50 meters thick lake sedimentary layer. In the lake sedimentary strata found in the distribution of stone products and animal fossils, cultural layer thickness of about 1.20 meters. Three layers of quartz stone are collected in the formation. Animal fossil 42, petrochemical degree of moderate, more broken, due to natural forces. Was identified as the Paleolithic era of cultural relics.


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