Mason Zhuang North Site
sourceļ¼šthis website  time of releaseļ¼š2017/08/09

Located in Cherry Grove Scenic Area Administrative Committee Cherry Grove Community Masons Village Village About 200 meters north of the village, north of Jia Lu River, east and west sides for the Jia Lu River ditch. In the third national cultural relics found that the north and south 400 meters long, east and west width of 350 meters, an area of 140,000 square meters, the terrain from south to north tilt. In the northern cliff section found in the cultural layer of distribution, 1.2 meters thick, red cinnamon soil, hard soil, including pottery, plate tiles and so on. The surface also found a small amount of pottery, tiles and other relics. Pottery with clay pottery and clay pottery; pottery with gray pottery and red pottery; decorated with a rope, plain, etc .; discernible type pottery, pots, cans and other relics. The cultural connotation of this site is rich, the accumulation of culture is relatively thick, history and archaeological value is more important. After the determination of the Western Zhou Dynasty to the Eastern Zhou Dynasty cultural relics. Its discovery is of great significance to the study of social culture in the transitional period from the Western Zhou Dynasty to the Eastern Zhou Dynasty.

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